A key part of your lifting plan includes choosing the best lifting sling between wire rope, chain, and synthetic lifting slings. In this video, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of each type of sling.

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In this video we cover: 
1) Wire Rope Slings 0:44
► Advantages of wire rope slings 1:05
► Disadvantages of wire rope slings 1:38

2) Alloy Chain Slings 2:11
► Advantages of alloy chain slings 2:29
► Disadvantages of alloy chain slings 3:05

3) Metal Mesh Slings 3:23
► Advantages of metal/wire mesh slings 3:46
► Disadvantages of metal/wire mesh slings 4:00

4) Synthetic Slings 4:10
► Advantages of synthetic slings 4:32
► Disadvantages of synthetic slings 4:55
► Breakdown of synthetic web slings 5:32
► Breakdown of synthetic roundslings 6:22
► Breakdown of Twin-Path® roundslings 7:00
► Breakdown of synthetic rope slings 7:43

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