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Fall Protection Case Study – Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor Homes manufactures modular and mobile homes, and the company footprint extends beyond Central Florida and the Southeast to California, Arizona, Minnesota, and many other locales across the United States.

While known for their skilled home-building, Palm Harbor Homes needed a new fall protection solution for workers in its Plant City, FL facility after an inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) resulted in a fine.

When OSHA completed its inspection, Palm Harbor Homes reached out to Mazzella FHS for a solution to help keep their employees safe while working at height. Through that partnership, Palm Harbor Homes retrofitted its facility and never lost a day of work.

“Fall protection is huge for us here,” said Palm Harbor Homes Human Resources Manager Chelli Antle. “We have a number of employees inside the building that work at a pretty high height, either installing electrical cables or shingling and decking, the roof, or putting insulation in the roof.”

“We’re making sure those employees are properly secured in case they fall off either the catwalk or the roof area. Making sure that we have the proper track system and harness system in place to make sure they don’t fall is the difference between life and death, honestly.”

Click the image below for the full story on how Mazzella FHS helped Palm Harbor Homes become OSHA compliant with a new fall protection system. Also, you’ll learn how that one project has led to a deeper partnership where Palm Harbor Homes is planning to use Mazzella FHS’s other business units to retrofit an out-of-date, out-of-use facility.

How a Mobile Home Manufacturer Became OSHA Fall Protection Compliant: Hero

In this case study, we will discuss:
– The problems Palm Harbor Homes was facing
– The solution that Mazzella’s Fall Protection team was able to find
– How their new fall protection system has helped

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