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Green Pin Tycan® Synthetic Chain Sling

When you’re hauling around heavy steel chain all day, you’re bound to get pretty tired or even injured. On top of that, using steel chain adds weight to your lifts and reduces your load capacity. At the same time, chains can leave scuffs, scratches, or dents on your equipment, as well as the loads being lifted. The Green Pin Tycan® Chain may be that solution you’ve been looking for to help make your lifts safer and less taxing on your employees and equipment.

We spoke with Justin Yoke, our Lifting Specialist out in West Virginia who’s background is in replacing wire ropes with synthetic rope.

In this video we will cover:
– The specs of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
– Pros and cons
– Real-life applications

ARTICLE: What Is the Tycan® Chain, & How Does It Make Rigging Easier?

In this video
0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Introduction to the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
1:52 – Applications of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
3:54 – Advantages of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
4:44 – Disadvantages of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
5:54 – Price Comparison of Green Pin Tycan® Chain vs Steel Chain
7:15 – Weight Ratio of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
7:38 – Capacity of the Green Pin Tycan® Chain
8:29 – Inspecting the Green Pin Tycan® Chain

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