How Do Sling Angles Affect Load Ratings and Capacity? You’ve got your sling and you’re ready to lift, but first you need to make sure you’re taking careful consideration regarding the angle of your sling. What sling angle is best for the lift? Who should have the final sign off before we start lifting? What should I do when using a basket hitch? In this video we are going to address those questions so that you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of your lift, measuring your sling angle correctly and keeping up with safety standards.

Poster of Mazzella’s Sling Working Load Limits Chart
Pocket Guide of Mazzella’s Sling Working Load Limits Chart

In this video
0:00 – Intro
1:01 – What are Sling Angles?
2:31 – How do you accurately measure sling angles on a job site?
3:30 – Who is responsible for measuring the sling angle?
4:25 – What to do when lifting below 30°?
5:41 – Performance of welded chain vs. mechanical chain
6:20 – Does a hitch affect the limit of a sling angle?
8:20 – Sling Working Load Limits Chart
9:30 – Closing

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