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The Top Ten Lifting Technologies Advancing the Industry

We are counting down our list of the top ten lifting technologies that are advancing the lifting industry.

We are exploring the evolution of the lifting industry. Technological advancements have propelled the lifting industry beyond its traditional blue-collar roots. With the arrival of Global Lifting Awareness Day (July 13), we acknowledge the pivotal role technology plays in revolutionizing this industry, and the exciting prospects awaiting the next generation of lifting professionals.

In this video, we delve into the top ten technological breakthroughs, engineered devices, and new skills that are propelling the lifting and rigging industry forward.

Like many other trades, the lifting and rigging industry has faced a shortage of skilled laborers entering the field, while experienced operators retire. Instead, a greater emphasis has been placed on pursuing college degrees, diverting potential talent away from trade and labor fields.

However, the industry has recognized this challenge and actively sought to attract and retain talent for the future by harnessing innovative technologies. These advancements have not only made the industry more enticing but have also opened doors to diverse professions within the field. Now, let’s explore these technologies and envision how they could shape your own career in lifting and rigging.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:28 – How is the lifting industry using technology to innovate?

1:25 – 10. What is Caldwell’s Dura-Lite™ Composite Lifting Beam?

2:49 – 9. What are Crosby Straightpoint Load Cells?

4:10 – 8. What is the Mazzella No-Touch Electrode Handling System?

5:12 – 7. What is the CM Intelli-Connect™ Crane Hoist Diagnostic System?

6:36 – 6. What is Crosby BlokCam?

8:02 – 5. How are drones being used in the lifting industry?

9:21 – 4. What are Laser-View Smart Non-Contact Measurement Solutions?

10-59 – 3. What is the Elebia Automatic Crane Hook?

12:37 – 2. What is the Verton EVEREST SpinPod?

14:11 – 1. What is ITI Virtual and Augmented Crane Operator Training?

15:56 – Do you have a place in the Lifting Industry?

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