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Meet the Team Making Your Engineered Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

We welcome you to meet some of the team providing engineered products, below-the-hook lifting devices, and lifter repair services.

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Whether it’s a common lift beam for a 150 lbs. load, or a specially-engineered 330-ton electric furnace lifter, we treat each lifting challenge the same. We have a fully-staffed engineering department, project managers, and estimators to help solve your lifting challenges and design the perfect solution for your unique lifting application.

In this video:
► Dan Sherwood, Product Manager with Mazzella Companies, explains how below-the-hook lifting devices can help create safer lifting environments.
► Lili Radu, P.E., Chief Engineer with Mazzella Companies, shares the history of our in-house engineering department, and how adhering to industry standards is a cornerstone for our engineers. (0:46)
► Tom Bina, Project Engineer with Mazzella Companies, explains how you can look at us as your own personal R&D Department for lifting devices. (1:15)
► Scott Sheehan, Sales Estimator with Mazzella Companies, tells us about the knowledge he brought with him from the lifting and rigging department, and how he creatively solves lifting problems with custom solutions. (1:36)

Also in this video:
► Dan tells us how some of the more complex lifting devices are created. (2:11)
► Lili reminds us that just because you’ve got a guy that can handle a blowtorch, doesn’t mean you’ve got a guy that can fabricate a safe and compliant lifting device. (2:21)
► Tom tells us about the personal gratification that comes from finding the correct lifting solution for a customer. (2:50_
► Scott tells us how getting a custom lifting device is just like getting a custom car, motorcycle, or house built. (3:02)
► Lili talks about the uniqueness of some of the lifting applications that her team encounters. (3:08)
► Dan wraps up by saying that if you’re breaking slings or having issues with picks, then it may be a good time to consider a custom lifting device. (3:19)

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