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Racking System Solution – Crown Information Management Case Study

One decision to buy a facility neighboring a body of water nearly proved catastrophic for Crown Information Management in Winter Haven, Florida.

However, by contacting Mazzella FHS, a solution was worked out that protected the initial financial investment, and has given Crown Information Management the opportunity to expand its business with even more room to grow.

“Before I started working with Mazzella FHS, I really didn’t have any kind of relationships or experience in the record storage business, and with ordering and installing and choosing a racking system,” said Jay Burns, owner of Crown Information Management.

“Now that I’ve been with Mazzella and worked with them for about 10 years, I feel like we’ve jumped over hurdles and gotten through some phases in our business cycle that are behind us and  paid for, and we’ll continue to produce. Rent produces revenue that will help us continue to grow in the future.”

Robert Schultz, Crown Information Management’s Warehouse Manager, added, “We’d just be losing money, wasting money, not being at 100% capacity, which is what they’ve been able to do for us.”

In this video, you’ll learn what Mazzella FHS did to help Crown Information Management grow their business, including:

  • Saving the initial investment made in buying the building
  • Installing of new archive system
  • Developing an archive system that could fit in and be supported by the existing building structure
  • Finding a unique solution to protect the building’s concrete foundation
  • Providing interruption-free installation with no lost work days
  • Boosting the business by increasing and maximizing space

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