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Rooftop Lifeline Fall Protection Systems for Workers at Height

In this video, we take you to Matalco Inc. in Lordstown, Ohio. We look at a rooftop lifeline fall protection system designed to help keep their workers safe from height hazards.

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Matalco’s Top-Down Focus on Safety – (0:38)
Caleb explains how the executive branch of Matalco empowered him to pursue the safety of both the workers and contractors in a way they had never done before.

Matalco’s Rooftop Height Hazard – (0:53)
Stack testing is one method of ensuring a corporation with waste exhaust is properly filtering it before it reaches the air we all breathe. The issue was that once the testers or maintenance workers climbed the ladder to perform the test, there were no systems in place to secure them. The testers were not permitted to perform their scope of work until the height hazard was solved.

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Mazzella Companies’ One-Month Timetable – (1:24)
Kevin Muldoon, Product Manager – Engineered Lifeline Systems & Fall Protection Systems, explains how time was a huge factor in making this project a success. Work needed to be completed within a 1-month window before the Stack Testers were scheduled to arrive.

Success Through Collaboration – (1:51)
Kevin and Caleb discuss the challenges they faced with making that one-month timeline and the importance of working together as a team to accomplish it.

Partnering with Mazzella for the Future – (3:00)
Caleb discusses the potential to work with Mazzella Companies in the future, and the differences he noticed from working with other companies.

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