“Only an employer can deem their employees as competent.”

Lives are on the line every day when working at height on job sites, or in manufacturing and industrial facilities, which is why it is critical that your team receive the fall protection training that is required by OSHA. No one understands that better, than the safety professionals at Mazzella.

Our curriculum is knowledge-based, meaning each student will receive comprehensive training and require that they achieve an 80% or higher on their exam to successfully complete each one of our courses. At Mazzella, we understand that each student that is enrolled is competent at their jobs, as determined by you, their employer.


Fall Protection Training Courses

Basic Fall Protection Course (4 Hours)

Cost – $375 / Person

  • Course covers the basics of fall protection. Focuses on the proper use of personal fall arrest systems in order to perform work in elevated areas.
  • Course will cover fall prevention, fall restraint, fall protection, and fall arrest. Upon completing the course, the students will know the difference of each, as well as how to put on personal protective equipment.
  • Will also cover hazard identification and the importance of controlling or eliminating the hazards before work begins. The typical employee for this course works in a warehouse or lumber yard.

Intermediate Fall Protection Course (6 to 8 Hours)

Cost – $500 / Person

  • Course will cover fall protection methods, fall protection plans, the hierarchy of fall protection as it relates to specific project challenges.
  • Course will cover scope, application, and definitions to OSHA subpart 1926.500(a)(1) CFR and 1910.28(1)(a).
  • Will also cover requirements relating to workers performing tasks at heights that require specific or specialized equipment. Examples include: erection of tanks, broadcast towers, etc.
  • Course is designed to target specific industries where employees of the company may be new to that industry and need fall protection training specific to that industry.
  • Will cover typical scaffold and swing stage set-up, dismantle, and the inherent hazards of each in construction and general industry.
  • This course is ideal for new hires in the construction or industrial trades.

Advanced Fall Protection Course (Two Days / 8 Hours Each Day)

Competent Person Training

Cost – $750 / Person

  • Course will focus on employees that have already completed a basic course in fall protection, or have industry knowledge of working at height.
  • This course will cover: safety monitoring, controlled access zones, safety rescue, predictable hazards, height specific and job project specific.
  • Course is designed to teach at a practical level understanding with regard to:
    • Engineered lifeline systems
    • Understanding of OSHA and ANSI compliance
  • The student that takes this course will be able to design a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and develop a rescue plan for site specific applications.
  • This course will touch on confined space training and the OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA standards.
  • We will also cover rescue and the difference between manual vs. mechanical rescue systems. Help identify what is the best for each application.
  • The person who successfully completes this course will be a competent person at height.
LiftingU / Mazzella FHS Fall Protection Training Program

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