Felix Nyberg of Gunnebo Industries joins us to discuss the background, best practices, and uses of the GrabiQ Chain Sling System in the second of our two-part series.

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In this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Other Features and Technologies in the GrabiQ Chain Sling
2:18 – The Grabiq Flexileg
3:45 – The GrabiQ Quickpin
4:31 – The GrabiQ Flexileg Tagging system
6:21 – Maintenance and Repairability
7:14 – Best Fit Applications for the GrabiQ Chain Sling
8:20 – Inspection Requirements for the GrabiQ Chain Sling
9:51 – Where Can You Learn More About the GrabiQ Chain Sling?
13:24 – Wrapping it up
15:48 – Closing of Part Two

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