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Understanding Training Requirements – The OSHA Inspection Series Ep 3

Making sure you and your team are properly trained can make a huge difference on the shop floor or construction site. And making sure there’s paperwork to back up that training could save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the event of a workplace injury.

In this episode of “The OSHA Inspection” Series we’re covering:

– The importance of Lifting and Rigging training

– Is rigging training required by OSHA?

– How to meet OSHA compliance

We sat down with Al Abel who has worked with companies after they have been fined by OSHA and understands the importance of proper training to keep you on the right side of OSHA regulations.

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Check back for future episodes of “The OSHA Inspection Series,” as we’ll be featuring OSHA standards for cranes, fall protection, rigging, and warehouse racking.

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