What is magnetic particle testing? How is a magnetic particle inspection performed? More importantly, do you even need it?

In this episode of The Table, Devon, Mike, and Tom discuss how it’s performed, and what the OSHA/ASME standards say about it.

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In this video, we cover:
► What is magnetic particle testing? (1:16)
► Magnetic particle testing vs. non-destructive testing (NDT) (2:07)
► Is magnetic particle testing required by OSHA or ASME? (7:27)
► When does a magnetic particle test work best? (9:08)
► What are some other forms of non-destructive testing? (11:55)
► Where does magnetic particle testing take place? (12:56)
► Where can I learn more about magnetic particle testing? (15:02)
► Wrapping it up (17:40)

To see a magnetic particle inspection performed in a lab, check out this great video from MaterialsScience2000.

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