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Who is Responsible to Deem a Crane Operator Qualified and Competent?

In this video, Bob Gubanich, Corporate Training Manager for Mazzella, walks through the ASME B30.2 and OSHA guidelines that cover who is ultimately responsible for deeming the workers on your job site qualified and competent.

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In this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:23 – Whose responsibility is it to deem a crane operator qualified and competent?
0:27 – A breakdown of qualified, competent, and designated
1:22 – the ASME B30.2 Standards
2:11 – ASME B30.2 training requirements for employees
2:25 – ASME B30.2 testing requirements for employees
2:51 – ASME B30.2 documentation requirements for employees
3:14 – ASME B30.2 responsibilities for Crane Operators
4:12 – Closing

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