CM Quick Connect Synthetic Sling Hook

CM Quick Connect Hooks are the quickest and easiest way to add hooks to any synthetic sling by eliminating the need for additional hardware or assembly tools. Simply open the latch, slide in the sling, close the latch and put the sling into position – it’s that easy.

Designed with a large bearing surface, these hooks prevent the sling from bunching, allowing the sling to be used at full capacity.For easy selection, Quick Connect Hooks are color coded to match common industry synthetic sling capacities.

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CM Synthetic Quick Connect Hooks

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and efficient attachment
  • Longer sling life
  • Low sling weight and cost
  • Easy selection
  • Secure sling attachment
  • Strong and durable
  • Standard hook latches
  • I-Beam design reduces overall sling weight
  • Embossed for worldwide use
  • Made in USA



Cm Quick Connect Hooks Specifications

CM Quick Connect Hooks Chart

Low Sling Weight and Cost

By eliminating the need for additional hardware or oversized components to prevent bunching, the weight savings synthetic slings provide will be maintained. Quick Connect Hooks allow for quick sling-to-load connection without relying on a choker or basket hitch, thus eliminating the need for longer, more expensive slings.

Longer Sling Life

Smooth, flat bearing surface prevents abrasive synthetic sling damage. Hook design also protects the sling, eliminating wear caused by sharp load edges and the need for additional edge protection.

Strong and Durable

Forged for optimum strength and durability. Each hook is individually proof tested to 2x the working load limit.

Easy Selection

Hooks are color coded to match common synthetic sling capacities. Working load limits are also forged into the hook for easy reference. (NOTE: Always refer to the synthetic sling tag and Quick Connect Hook for working load limit of the assembly.)

Secure Sling Attachment

Hook eye is designed with a recessed area to ensure the sling stays in place. Sling will not come out of the eye unless purposely removed.

Standard Hook Latches

Uses same latches as standard CM Clevlok® sling hooks.


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