Crane Rope Inspection Tool Kit

Wire rope inspection is a vital part of the maintenance process for any construction or crane company because the safety of your workers and secure delivery of lifted loads is of utmost importance. Our portable Crane Rope Inspection Tool Kits contain all the tools your inspectors will need to complete a full inspection, including custom sheave gauges, special wide-jaw calipers, picks, metric rulers, and more!

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Crane Rope Inspection Tool Kits

To make sure your inspectors have everything they need to properly inspect high-performance crane ropes, we provide customized kits that include:

Crane Rope Inspection: Custom Sheave GaugesCustom sheave gauges that measure from 15mm to 36.5mm and are machined to specific tolerances to ensure accuracy

Crane Rope Inspection: Wide Jaw CalipersSpecial wide-jaw calipers to ensure proper measurement of wire rope in the field

Crane Rope Inspection: Pick SetPick set for inspecting in between the wire rope strands and checking for tightness

inspection tool kit image 4Metric steel rulers to measure waviness and kinks

Crane Rope Inspection: Metric Tape MeasureMetric tape measure

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ASME 30.30-1.8.1 (b) states that:

“Running rope in service shall be visually inspected daily, unless a qualified person determines it should be performed more frequently. The visual inspection shall consist of observation of all rope that can reasonably be expected to be in use during the day’s operations. The inspector should focus on discovering gross damage that may be an immediate hazard.”

According to the B30.30 Standard, inspectors are looking for:

  • Distortion of rope structure
  • Broken wires
  • Corrosion
  • Gross damage or deterioration of the end connections
  • Evidence of heat, electrical, or lightning damage, or localized change in lubrication condition


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