Crosby McKissick Wire Rope Sheaves

McKissick sheaves come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific applications.

Contact your local sales representative to order McKissick sheaves and include the sheave diameter, wire rope size and bearing type—our sales representative will find the right sheave for your application.

For unique applications, Crosby can custom design and manufacture sheaves to your exact requirements.


For special requirements or custom designed sheaves, furnish the following important information:

  • Wireline Size
  • Shaft Diameter
  • Hub Diameter
  • Bore Finished
  • Nominal Outside Diameter
  • Hub Width
  • Rim Width
  • Nominal Tread Diameter
  • Other Special Requirements


Roll Forged Sheave Features

Unique upset roll forging process provides a thicker groove section for extra strength.

  • Stepped Hubs are precisely centered and mechanically locked in place.
  • Wireline grooves on sheave diameters of 14″ and larger are flamed hardened for extra wear resistance.
  • All sheaves have solid steel webs with holes for easy handling.
  • Sheave weights can be made heavier or lighter than shown to fit your specific application.
  • Sheaves available in sizes from 12″ – 72″, and wireline sizes from 3/8″ – 3″.
  • For more information, ask for our special brochure describing the complete roll forging process.


Sheave Bearing Application Information

Sheaves Diagram

Bronze Bushing:

Slow line speed, moderate load and moderate use,

  • Maximum Bearing Pressure (BP): 4500 PSI
  • Maximum Velocity at Bearing (BV): 1200 FPM
  • Maximum Pressure Velocity Factor (PV): 55000

Sheave Bearing Application Information

Formula for BP = Line Pull x Angle Factor ÷ Shaft Size x Hub Width

Plain Bore:

Very slow line speed, very infrequent use, low load.

Roller Bearing:

Faster line speeds, more frequent use, greater load.


Using a 14 in. sheave (917191) with a 4600 lb. line pull and a 80 degree angle between lines, determine maximum allowable line speed.

BP = 4600 lbs. (Line Pull) x 1.53 (Angle Factor) ÷ 1.50 (Hub Width) x 1.62 (Shaft Size) = 2896 PSI

BV = 55000 (PV Factor) ÷ 2896 (BP) = 19 FPM

Note: For underwater sheave applications, special bronze bushings are available.

Note: Consult the bearing manufacturer for applicable load.


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