Crosby McKissick UB-550S Top Swivel Overhaul Balls with SHUR-LOC® Eye Hook

Top swivel design assures that the ball remains stationary if the wire line spins.

  • Available in a variety of configurations:
    – 4 & 7 Ton capacities
    – 85, 150 & 200 lb. weights (ball only)
    – Crosby S-320AN Eye Hook or S-1316 SHUR-LOC® Hooks.
  • Utilize genuine forged Crosby hooks, bail and connector.
  • Quenched and Tempered
  • Both styles of hooks incorporate patented QUIC-CHECK® markings forged into the product which address two QUIC-CHECK® features:
    – Deformation Indicators and Angle Indicators.
  • Easy disassembly for periodic inspection and maintenance.
  • Design factor of 4:1.
  • All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.
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