Crosby McKissick UB500 Top Swivel Overhaul Balls

  • Sizes 4 tons through 10 tons available with Crosby’s S1316A “Positive Locking” SHUR-LOC® hook which may be used for lifting personnel. Meets OSHA Rule 1926.1431(g).
  • Design Factor 4:1.
  • The top swivel design on the UB500 assures the ball remains stationary if the wire line spins.
  • The swivel incorporates a sealed roller thrust bearing together with a grease fitting for easy lubrication.
  • Each ball can be equipped with the new McKissick® US-422T Wedge Socket which can be easily adjusted to fit various sizes of wire rope by changing the wedge (Ensure that correct wedge is used for selected wire rope size).
  • All hooks used on UB500 Overhaul Balls (S320, S320N & S1316A) are forged from alloy steel. The S320 and S320N hooks come complete with latches.
  • The S320 hook (PL latch) and the S320N hook (S4320 latch), with the proper latch attached, may be used for personnel lifting when secured with proper device (Bolt, nut and pin for the PL latch; Cotter pin for the S4320 latch). Meets OSHA Rule 1926.1431(g).


UB500 Top Swivel Overhaul Balls Types

UB500 Top Swivel Overhaul Balls Specs* Utilizes Crosby “N” style hooks with integrated latch. Replacement latch kit is S-4320. PL latch and S-4055 latch will not fit.

Standard Crosby S-5 Thrust style swivels can not be used with UB500 Overhaul Balls.


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