Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

Drive-In Racking Systems For Similar High Volume Product

The drive-in racking system is made for storing high quantities of similar product which use the same entry and exit point for each bay or rack. Since drive-in rack systems are fork-lift accessible, pallets may be stored in lanes that are six or more positions deep on the rack.


Drive-In Racking Systems are Great for:

Manufacturers with limited SKUs or large amounts of similar products and limited warehouse space. Drive-in racks are also great for fragile products that can’t be stacked, or cold storage applications where a large number of pallets need to be stored in a small freezer space.

A forklift enters the racking from one side to load a pallet on to the back of the rack. From there, the pallets are loaded in working from front to back—giving more depth and up to 3X the amount of storage as selective pallet racking. This results in lower storage cost per pallet, per square foot. Drive in racking can be single entry where forklifts have access to one side only, or double entry where the forklifts can access both sides of the racking structure.

A drive-in racking system can be designed specifically to best fit your needs with different heights and depths, as well as a wide variety of different components. This system can be ordered in roll formed or structural steel for more support. If you are looking for a space saving solution that can increase warehouse area, consider the drive-in rack system.

Advantages of Drive-in Racking Systems:

  • Most cost-effective high-density pallet storage system available
  • Square footage reduced by 35% compared to selective pallet racks
  • Built functionally with a long life
  • Utilizes Last-in-First-out (LIFO) retrieval method (unless Drive-thru)
  • Can be constructed from roll formed or structural rack material
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