Durabilt Ratchet Type Load Binder

  • Uni-Steel, high carbon handle; heavy swedged barrel is cold-drawn tubing instead of welded pipe.
  • Alloy forged heat-treated hooks, electro-welded links and forged eyebolts.
  • Bright gold zinc plated to prevent premature oxidation. One-man operated. Double-action handle has spring-loaded pawl, which assures constant engagement of the pawl in the ratchet wheel.
  • Steel Pawl will always be in the drive or reverse drive operating position at any angle (push-pull).
  • Working Load Limit clearly identified on each ratchet.


Ratchet Type Load Binder (Durabilt) Types


Ratchet Type Load Binder (Durabilt) Specs

WARNING: Not to be used for overhead lifting. Do not exceed working load limit.

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