Gunnebo GrabiQ Midgrab Chain Shortener (Non-Removable) MIG

  • Instant mounting and positioning on any part of the chain.
  • Shortening in either chain direction; up-down.
  • Designed to prevent inadvertent chain disengagement.
  • Can be set idle on the chain leg when shortening is not required.
  • LC version offers secure mounting with locking set on any desired part of the chain with one chain direction open for shortening.
  • CC version offers close-open function in both chain directions for safe retention of the chain.

Locking devices for Midgrab MIG;
Note! The MIG must be used with at least one of the locking device. 

 L – fixed locking set C – close/open locking set
 For fixed mounting Spring operated locking device. Can be placed whether in open or closed position
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Midgrab Shortener (Non-Removable) MIG with Close / Open End & Locking Device on Opposite End

GrabiQ Midgrab Shortener (Non-Removable) MIG Specs

Design Factor 4:1


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