Harrington SEQ Single-Phase Dual Speed Electric Chain Hoist

1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 Ton Capacities with 10-Foot Standard Lift

Harrington’s revolutionary SEQ Series Single-Phase Dual Speed (VFD Control) Electric Chain Hoists are designed for easy installation and operation in medium and heavy-duty industrial applications. These hoists have an extremely compact and lightweight body and are perfect for any work station application. The SEQ hoist includes a no-load high-speed function that automatically increases hoist speed up to 130 percent when the load is less than 30 percent of working load limit.  Available with hook mount, suspension bar, push trolley, or motorized trolley.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Pull-rotor brake. Extremely durable and reliable, this advanced design contains no brake coil to fail like conventional disc brakes.  5 year brake warranty.
  • Corrosion resistant load chain. Nickel plated, Grade 80, DIN chain for superb durability and strength.
  • Compact aluminum body. Die-cast body is lightweight and offers low headroom.
  • Completely sealed body. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh environments.  (Consult owner’s manual for details)  Gasket sealed for IP55 rating
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Dual speed controls via “under-the-cover” variable frequency drive for both single-phase and three-phase hoists. VFD includes count hour meter, load limiter and no-load high-speed function.
  • Extreme Duty Motor. Increased performance through 30/10-minute duty rating, H4 classification, Class B insulation, cooling fins and external thermal motor protection.
  • Unique Chain Guide Provides quiet and smooth guiding of chain. Heavy cast iron construction for improved wear versus stamped steel design offered by many manufacturers.


Product TypeElectric Chain Hoist
Capacity (tons)1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 ton
Lift (feet)10 ft. standard
Hoist ModelEQ (3 phase) SEQ (single phase)
Headroom (inches)17.3, 18, 20.7
SpeedsEQ 56/9.3 NL 72, 33/5.5 NL 43, 25/4.2 NL 32, 23/3.8 NL 30     SEQ 56/9.3 NL 72, 33/5.5 NL 43, 25/4.2 NL 32, 17/3.9 NL 22
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