Jeamar Horizontal Directional Blocks

Steel sheaves are manufactured from the highest-quality, fine grain steel, ensuring uniformity of material, consistent high quality and greater strength. The innovative, cold-rolled forming process ensures an ideal groove profile. The inherent elasticity and resilience of steel makes for a tougher sheave to meet the most demanding applications.

  • The strength of the steel used by Jeamar considerably exceeds that of cast iron. Steel also has a weight-saving advantage of up to 50 percent over cast iron, resulting in easier handling and installation.
  • Jeamar fits its steel sheaves with high-efficiency, deep groove, double ball bearings for maximum efficiency, reduced friction, smooth motion, long life and high speed.
  • Jeamar steel sheaves ensure that the shape of your rope is maintained under normal load conditions.
  • With a minimum sheave-to-rope ratio of 15:1, the rope’s bending stress is reduced for longer life.
  • Rope grooves are hardened during forming, increasing the life of sheave and rope.
  • Precision sealed, bearings stay lubricated, ensuring low maintenance.
  • Jeamar blocks are rated for the full working load limit at 0° rope angle.
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