Mazzella Monster Mesh Sling

  • Alloy steel end fittings and Grade 80 Alloy chain resists abrasion and provides high lifting capacity
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting, each sling proof tested and certified
  • Cost Savings—Repairable
  • Width of mesh helps to balance and control loads— flexible to conform to irregular shapes
  • Each sling permanently stamped with capacity and serial number for traceability
  • End fittings fit most large crane hooks
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Mazzella Monster Mesh Sling Diagram

Inspection Criteria for Monster Mesh Slings

Remove sling from service if any of the following are visible:

  • Wear, nicks, cracks, breaks, gouges, stretch, bends or weld spatter on chain or attachments
  • Discoloration from excessive temperature
  • Chain links and attachments won’t hinge freely with adjacent links
  • Visible distortion of either end fitting out of its plane
  • Distortion or any collapse of eye width on either end fitting
  • Cracked end fitting

 Mazzella Monster Mesh Sling Specs

* WARNING: Working load limit is not to be exceeded.


All product warnings: Warnings Page
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