Miller Top Swiveling Overhaul Ball Assemblies With Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Miller’s highest performance overhaul ball assemblies are uniquely equipped with Miller Y-Link angular contact ball bearing swivels for maximum response to wire rope movement and long term durability.

  • Top swiveling—ball remains stationary if wire rope twists.
  • Available with four upper fittings styles: clevis, eye, wedge and thimble.
  • Overhaul weights to 1450 lbs. Special heavier weights and bottom swiveling are available.
  • Working Loads from 3 to 35 tons for 5/8″ to 1-1/2″ wire rope.
  • Easy, quick replacement of component parts—swivel replaced with appropriate standard Miller Y-Link model.
  • Drop Forged alloy steel hook with safety latch.
  • Design factor 5:1.
  • NOTE: Type 5 (only) is a non-swiveling mode
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