Nicopress Model 300 Bench Tool

  • Tool Length: 35″
  • Approx. Weight: 19 pounds


Will accommodate the following interchangeable tool heads:
3-C-887; 3-G-887; 3-M-850; 3-P-850; 3-X-850; 3-F2-850;
3-F6-950; 3-G9-950; 3V-CGMP; 3V-F6XM; 3-MJ.

The advantage of using these heads is that fewer presses are required per splice as compared to the No. 51 tools. For cable sizes 1/8″ through 5/32″ only, one press is made per splice.

Note: Hoods may be removed from No. 3 Type Hand Tools and used in No. 300 Bench Mount.


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