Patterson Ratchet Turnbuckles

Eminently Adaptable

Patterson manufactures a wide range of customizable ratchet turnbuckles for just about any industrial application. If you need to rig it, brace it, moor it, secure it, or tie it down—whatever it is—Patterson probably has the ratchet turnbuckle that’s right for the job. In fact, they are known for their large inventory and willingness to fill custom orders (even small ones). Patterson either has it on hand or can make it for you fast. That saves you time and money.

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We start with a smart design.

All of Patterson’s patented ratchet turnbuckles feature barrels made from cold-drawn steel tubing—not from welded pipe. And all of their turnbuckles are equipped with screw stops to decrease the chance of accidental disassembly or loosening.

Design it yourself? Almost.

Patterson ratchet turnbuckles are available in a variety of standard sizes and configurations, and they can also design to your specifications. Most of their ratchet turnbuckles feature a spring-activated pawl in the handles, but you can also order gravity pawl handles. Need barrel hex drives? Patterson can do that. Hand-wheel or vise-type handles? They’re available, too. And Patterson’s turnbuckles are available galvanized for reduced maintenance in saltwater applications.


You’ll be surprised at the variety of standard designs available. Looking for specialized custom models? Patterson will take you there.

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