Peerless Kuplex® Grade 80 Chain Slings

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Peerless Kuplex® Grade 80 Sling Capacities

Peerless Kuplex® Grade 80 Chain Slings—Specs

* WARNING: Working load limit is not to be exceeded.

Meets ASTM A906 specifications.

To determine which chain size and leg style are best suited to your requirements—use this working load limit table as a guide. The table gives the working load limits of 9/32″ through 1-1/4″ Accoloy Chain in 1, 2, 3 and 4 leg styles. You know the maximum load (or loads) you will lift and the angle of lift involved—working to the left from these loads and angles gives you the proper chain size for your sling. Working Load Limits of the chain and components is established as pounds applied at the indicated degrees from horizontal.


Table of Wear

Kuplex® Chain Slings—Grade 80 Diagram

Kuplex® Chain Slings—Grade 80 Specs 2


Effect of High Temperature on Working Load Limits of Alloy Chain

Kuplex® Chain Slings—Grade 80 Specs 2

* Acco does not recommend the use of Alloy A8A at temperatures above 500°F.

** When chain is used at room temperature after being heated to temperatures shown in the first column.


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