Peerless Kuplex® Load Pins and Retaining Pins

All Kuplex components derive their integrity connection from the special Kuplex Load Pins and Spiral Pins. The load pins are made from alloy steel heat treated to obtain optimum rated performance properties. The load pins are specially shaped to develop strength characteristics and resistance to bending under rated load. The oval shape presents a greater force area than conventional round pins.

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Kuplex® Load Pins & Retaining Pins

Kuplex® Load Pins & Retaining Pins Specs

IMPORTANT: Use only genuine Kuplex load and retaining pins when assembling slings. Never use rods, bolts or other objects of questionable strength and metallurgy. Failure could cause serious injury or damage to property.

* One Load Pin and two Spiral Pins are bagged.
There is an occasional need for replacement of Spiral Pins and Load Pins. The same Load Pins cannot be used in both Kuplers and Hooks. When ordering these parts separately, be sure to specify whether they are for Kuplers or Hooks and also specify Kupler Number or the Hook Number with which they are to be used.


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