Rigid Lifelines Anchor Trolley

Minimizing Track Drift

The Anchor TrolleyTM is our ultimate innovation in rolling trolley technology.

The Anchor Trolley is designed with cone teeth made of hardened alloy steel that act as a braking mechanism and engage the steel track in the event of a fall. The engagement of the trolley teeth and track causes the trolley to anchor into place without damaging the track, virtually eliminating post-fall drift on the track.


The Anchor Trolley greatly increases the opportunity for conscious and able-bodied workers to perform a self-rescue after a fall event. Like our other trolleys, the Anchor Trolley is made from non-consumable materials while being weather-proof and temperature-proof. This design ensures that you still have the same smooth movement that has come to be associated with Rigid Lifelines® enclosed track fall arrest trolleys.


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