RUD VRBS / RBSB Load Ring For Welding

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG
  • Distribution of the load force due to the 2 point fixing, hence an optimized force introduction to the workpiece.
  • Forged, suspension ring according to EN 1677-1, electromagnetic crack detected, pink powder coated. Suspension ring can also be ordered single. For instance VRL 4. This lifting point fulfills the requirements of the appropriate safety authorities (German Employers Insurance Association). Stamped.
  • Lays flat when not in use.
  • Low profile.
  • Rounded well shaped design.


  • High dynamic and static strength.
  • The welding blocks are forged out of the ideal weldable steel ST52-3N (S355J2+N) and the nominal WLL is embossed.
  • Patented distance lugs assist in achieving the correct root weld (approx. 3 mm).
  • The weld arrangement (continuous HY weld) fulfills the requirements of DIN 18800 i.e. the closed weld avoids corrosion and is thus suitable for outdoor use.
RBSB Application
  • The weldable load ring with limit stops is available for EHB containers and machines. The limit stops provide the necessary support for the ring and thus enabling a 45° hook – in inclined position from the work piece.
  • Protects the load from severe damage.

VRBS / RBSB Load Ring For Welding

VRBS / RBSB Load Ring For Welding Specs 1

VRBS / RBSB Load Ring For Welding Specs 2

Attention: Refer to RUD user welding instructions.

The WLL (Working Load Limit) is listed at the nominal value (worst case scenario) unless otherwise specified.


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