Tecnomagnete Sheet Handling Magnets—TM 4 Series

It is possible to lift loads of various lengths by simply selecting the magnetic modules necessary:

  • Shorter plates: activate only the center cross beams, excluding the others
  • Medium plates: activate all the cross beams with the side modules in the closed position
  • Long plates: activate all the cross beams and extend the arms to the maximum opening
  • Narrow plates: activate only the left or right side modules
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Telescopic Beams

Plates, especially large ones, are particularly difficult loads to handle. When attempting to move with traditional methods (hooks, chains, cables), the plates have a tendency to flex and deform, making the grip on the load unstable and dangerous.

The TM series beams pick up the load uniformly from above without deformations or damage to the load. Specific selection of the thickness is possible, even via radio control to pick up single plate.


The Telescopic Movement

The ability to lengthen or shorten the center distance between cross beams and select the modules to magnetize make the TM beams extremely flexible to use.

The telescopic movement is actuated by a dedicated hydraulic pump; the movement of the telescopic arms allows the handling of a complete range of big plates.


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Sheet Handling Magnets—TM 4 Series chart


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