Tractel DYNAFOR® Pro Wireless Loadlink

The Dynafor Pro is the last version of a versatile and robust wireless digital dynamometer, used in various weighing and force measurement applications.

  • Capacity range from 1t up to 250t
  • Radio-Frequency 2.4GHz chipset for wireless range up to 400m with Tractel® Dynafor HHD, large displays AL63, DMU and software accessories
  • Bluetooth chipset for a connection to any smartdevice equipped with our free application, up to 30m
  • Both Bluetooth and Radio-Frequency 2.4 GHz available
  • 0.2% accuracy of full scale
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • IP 65


Model Name





Product Code

Dynafor™ Pro 1t1±20,20.7 kg293369
Dynafor™ Pro 3.2t3.2±6.40,50.86 kg293379
Dynafor™ Pro 6.5t6.5±1311.6 kg293389
Dynafor™ Pro 15t15±3053.66 kg293399
Dynafor™ Pro 25 t25±50105.33 kg293409
Dynafor™ Pro 50t50±1002011.45 kg293419
Dynafor™ Pro 100t100±2005027.48 kg293429
Dynafor™ Pro 250t250±50010097.98 kg293439
Dynafor™ HHD display with Pro293609
IP 67 Option281077


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