Union Rope Flex-X® 19 Wire Ropes

Flex-X delivers extra value when you need high strength in a rotation resistant wire rope. Its rotation resistant construction provides a smooth, extremely compact wire rope with more steel in the cross-section than conventional ropes.

Flex-X 19 is made from 19-wire Seale strands. Six strands are laid around a core strand in one direction, then 12 strands are laid around this first operation in the opposite direction.

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Because of its tightly compacted, smooth design, Flex-X 19 offers several advantages:

  • More crush resistance than a standard 19 x 7 rope while providing the same rotation resistance.
  • Higher strength-to-diameter due to compacted wires in the strands. With increased metallic area, it provides rope strengths equal to 6 strand XXIP IWRC ropes of the same diameter.
  • Resistance to bending fatigue due to the uniformity of the wires within each strand. The strand’s outer surface is smooth, reducing contact pressures between the rope’s strands and radial pressures as it operates over sheaves and drums.
  • Exceptional stability due to the higher density strands coupled with the smooth outer surface.
  • Improved handling, operating and spooling characteristics.
  • Reduced wear to sheaves and drums.

Flex-X has also demonstrated greater fatigue resistance to substantially reduce rope expense and extend rope service life. It’s ideal for single-part or multi-part hoist lines wherever you encounter spooling problems, drum crushing, block twisting or have fast line speeds.

Flex-X 19 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope: Chart 1

* These strengths apply only when a test is conducted with both ends fixed.
When in use, the strengths of these ropes may be significantly reduced if one end is free to rotate.


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