Wire Mesh Slings

Wire mesh slings, also known as metal mesh slings, can be looked at as the perfect marriage between different types of lifting slings like alloy chain slings and synthetic slings made from polyester or nylon. When using a metal mesh sling, you get strength and durability combined with flexibility and excellent load grip and securement.

Metal mesh slings are widely used in demanding and high-heat environments like metalworking facilities, steel mills, or steel processing facilities where the loads may be abrasive and hot. The steel construction of these slings resists abrasion, cutting, and heat damage that synthetic slings would be more susceptible to.

Often, the wire mesh material is made from galvanized high-carbon steel, alloy, or stainless steel to resist corrosion. The fittings can be plated or made from an alloy material for corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Metal mesh slings are often preferred in rough environments because of their ability to be repaired and re-certified. They also have low stretch and a wide-bearing surface area to firmly grip and secure a load—reducing load damage. They’re extremely resistant to abrasion and cutting, however if there is evidence of even one broken wire in the sling, the entire sling needs to be removed from service.


10 Gauge Heavy Duty

Wire Mesh Slings 10 Gauge Heavy Duty


Specifications for Terminals and Mesh

Specifications for Terminals and Mesh

Wire Mesh Slings Specs 1

WARNING: Do not exceed capacities! Do not side load or twist slings!


How to select sling width—according to capacity, hitch and specification:

First, determine the hitch you will use for the gauge selected. Then, read down the column under the selected hitch and gauge to the load weight you wish to lift. Then, read across to the first column at left to find sling width required.


10 Gauge Heavy Duty (Standard)

Offers longest service life and is the most resistant to rough treatment. Excellent for abrasive loads, cutting action of edge loads or off-center lifts.


Prompt Shipment or Repair Service

Wire mesh slings with normal usage will eventually need repair and parts replaced. This can be done for relatively small cost. Wire Mesh Slings that are repaired are guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications.

Wire Mesh Slings Specs 2

* Design Factor of 5

WARNING: Do not exceed capacities! Do not side load or twist slings! Do not use if damaged!


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