Wirerope Works / Bethlehem BXL Plastic-Infused Wire Rope

BXL is infused with a specially-engineered polymer, creating a well-balanced matrix. BXL is recommended for numerous hoist, marine and logging rope applications.

  • Strands: 6
  • Wires per strand: 19 to 36
  • Core: IWRC
  • Standard grade(s): Purple Plus
  • Lay: Regular or Lang
  • Finish: Plastic-infused

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Fatigue Resistance. Improved fatigue resistance is derived from the cushioning and dampening effect of the polymer on the wires and strands. BXL also evenly distributes stresses, which may lead to fatigue breaks.

Abrasion Resistance. The polymer acts as a barrier between the individual strands, preventing penetration of any adverse material. BXL distributes and reduces contact stresses between the rope and sheave, reducing wire rope wear.

Resistance to Multi-layer Drum Crushing. BXL’s smooth profile evenly distributes crushing pressures from the overlying layers of rope in multilayer drum winding applications.

Extended Sheave and Drum Service Life. BXL minimizes corrugation and wear normally associated with standard rope usage by restricting water and dirt penetration and eliminating pickup of abrasive materials.

Clean Handling. The exterior rope surface is free from the grease normally applied to standard ropes.

BXL Plastic-Infused Wire Rope: Chart 1

* Acceptance strength is not less than 2-1/2% below the nominal strengths listed. Tons of 2,000 lbs.


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