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Mazzella Companies & Founder, Jim Mazzella

Mazzella Companies employs more than 400 individuals. Mazzella now is one of the largest independently-owned companies in the overhead lifting and rigging industries, and provides “one-stop shopping” for customers.

We provide ideal lifting solutions, offering all styles of slings, overhead cranes, hoists and engineered lifting devices. We also provide training, in-field inspection and repair services that support our products. Some of the major market segments we serve are Steel, Construction, Energy, Vehicle and Durable Goods, Ship Building / Repair and Mining. Sheffield Metals International, a Mazzella Company, is a manufacturer and distributor of coated and bare metal products specializing in Galvalume® and aluminum for the architecturally designed metal panel industry. New Tech Machinery, a Mazzella Company, is one of the leading manufacturers of portable rollforming roof panel and gutter machines.

Since our founding in 1954, the Mazzella brand has been uncompromising. Our purpose is to instill confidence and comfort in every interaction. What does that mean?  It means that we provide reliable products and services, a highly responsive, knowledgeable team to support our offerings and the training to help ensure compliance of OSHA and ASME standards. That's what you can expect from us and that's what we expect from ourselves.


It is useful to understand where you've been before deciding where you want to go. Our history has served as a foundation of who we are, what we believe and what we value. Back in 1954, James Mazzella formed a business by providing the most basic of lifting devices; wire rope slings that were braided by hand. It wasn't the cleanest and certainly not the easiest job around - but it was fundamental to the industry. This gut-level standard of performance defined the company in 1954 and it defines the company to this day. From the shop floor to the front office, every employee knows and understands the no-excuses, customer-first mentality that is threaded throughout the company. In every customer interaction, we instill confidence and comfort.

The company has grown organically through the decades by expanding its product offerings and by entering new markets. It has done so by securing new customers and nurturing those historic relationships. And it has grown by acquisition.


» Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Policy

Quality and Safety are cornerstones of our success ... product quality and operating safety go hand-in-hand. James Mazzella recognized that fact when he invented the Mazzella 7-Part wire rope sling, as well as, three other slings that improved ease of use and increased lifting performance and safety. This quality-first manufacturing mindset led the company to being one of the only rigging shops with ISO 9002 certification in 1994. That will continue and be the subject of re-doubled emphasis. The company has been a leader in safety training with all of its lifting specialists being certified to teach OSHA and ASME standards and we will increasingly partner with our customers to ensure the peace of mind that safety compliance brings.

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Progressive Crane
Phone: 800.83CRANE

Mazzella Crane Service
Phone: 877.96CRANE

KCI Crane Service
Phone: 205.345.4701

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Mazzella Lifting Technologies
Phone: 800.362.4601

Indusco Wire Rope & Supplies
Phone: 410.727.0665 (Baltimore)
Phone: 301.499.8800 (Capitol Heights)

J. Henry Holland
Phone: 757.460.3300 (Virginia Beach)
Phone: 757.827.9600 (Hampton)

Alabama Sling Center
Phone: 205.744.0230

Tennessee Sling Center
Phone: 901.345.8918 (Memphis)
Phone: 423.634.9005 (Chattanooga)

Rouster Lifting & Rigging
Phone: 304.252.6031

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Sheffield Metals International
Phone: 800.283.5262 (Cleveland)
Phone: 800.929.9359 (Atlanta)
Phone: 877.375.1477 (Denver)
Phone: 877.853.4904 (Dallas)

New Tech Machinery
Phone: 800.574.1717

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