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Nylite Connector Assembly

Spools, Shields & Shackle Assembly

Nylite connector assemblies are easily installed into or removed from a premade soft eye. The Nylite spool is only one-seventh the weight of a steel spool. Nylite connectors will not deform or rupture from repeated loadings. The shackle takes advantage of the high-strength Nylite connector and synthetic rope.

Working Details:
  • Working loads in tons (2,000 lbs.).
  • Working loads, as given, are based on the pin-bore relationship provided by use of a Nylite shackle. When using a nonstandard pin, the working load as given DOES NOT APPLY.
  • HP aluminum spool available for use with high-performance Class 2 ropes in sizes -1 through -5.
  • Aluminum spools not recommended for continuous use in submerged marine environments.
  • All working load values are based on a 4:1 safety factor.
  • Assembly rating is based on the use of the designated spool and shackle. Spools used in conjunction with other hardware are not rated by Samson.

Nylite Shields

Nylite shields are designed for use with specific rope, spool and shackle sizes.

Nylite Spools

Nylite spools are available in standard and high-performance (HP) options. Standard spools are lighter than steel and recommended for use with Class 1 ropes. HP aluminum spools allow size-for-size use with Class 2 high-performance ropes.

  • -1 through -5 shackles are Electrolytic Zinc coated per ASTM B633-07 SC2 Type II. Sizes -6 through -9 shackles are hot-dip galvanized per ASTM A123. Assembly rating is based on use of designated spool and shackle. Spools used in conjunction with other hardware are not rated by Samson.


  • Sizes -1 to -5 Use yellow zinc coated shackles
  • Sizes -6 to -9 Use silver shackles

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