Orion Ropeworks Extra-Lene® (3-Strand) Rope

Extra-Lene® is a composite rope built with a classic “poly-dac” (polyester over polypropylene) construction.

Extra-Lene® is engineered to balance the elongation characteristics of both fiber types. The rope features the superior wear characteristics of an all polyester rope with an economic, lightweight core. Single orange tracer in diameters up to 3/4″. Two orange tracers in a single strand in diameters above 3/4″.

  • In diameters 1/4″ through 3/4″, Extra-Lene® is manufactured using composite (polyester over polypropylene) single-ply yarns all the way to the core.
  • In diameters 7/8″ through 4″, Extra-Lene® is produced using four-stage plied cover yarns of 100% polyester over a strand core of monofilament polypro (composite strand).


Extra-Lene® (3-Strand) Rope Specs



Orion Ropeworks

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