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Hook Data Form

Hook Data Form Specifications

    Shank Length

  1. Measure total USABLE shank length from top of hook shank to top of of gate assembly. Gate assembly is not considered part of the USABLE SHANK. When measuring other manufacturer's hooks, measure from the top of the hook shank to the hook shoulder.
  2. Measure threaded portion (enter BLANK if threads not required).
  3. Note: Hook is supplied with Steel Hex-Load Nut and Bronze Load Washer. Hook and Nut threads are National Coarse. If a SPECIAL Load Nut or Load Washer is required, attach a drawing to this form.

    Shank Diameter

  4. Measure width of threaded portion.
  5. Measure width of blank portion.
  6. Throat Opening

  7. ONLY measure throat opening if this distance is critical to customer's operation.
  8. Cross Hole in Shank Hooks (complete only if required)

  9. Measure shank length from center of hole to top of gate assembly.
  10. Measure diameter of hole.


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