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Forged-Steel Grips Introduction

Klein grips offer total wire and cable-pulling capability for the power utility, telecommunication and many other industries.

Klein “Chicago”® and "Haven"® Grips are widely used in the power, communications and general construction fields to pull wire and cable, and to maintain temporary tension until it can be permanently terminated. These grips are to be used for pulling up lines to tension only and are not to be used as anchors.

Klein has designed and built standard and custom grips of outstanding quality since 1885. They are proven dependable. The complete line includes a type and size for every application.

There is a Klein grip for virtually every type of wire and cable, including:

  • Extra-high-strength cables, messenger, guy strand and conductors
  • Bare wire
  • Large-diameter conductors
  • Bare A.C.S.R., aluminum and stranded-copper cables
  • PVC-covered conductors
  • Weatherproof wire
  • Telephone cable

Klein "Chicago" Grips have locking loop handles, standard on most grips and available on hot-line grips by ordering with spring. The locking feature allows the jaws to be held in an open position for easier placement on wire or cable. Saves substantial time, makes grip positioning easier than with wedge or boil-on designs. To lock, open jaws and fold loop handle toward the side plates.

Klein "Chicago"® Grips

Klein chicago grips
How to select the proper grip.

Care should be taken in choosing grips to assure correct handling of wire and cable.

Three basic factors determine the selection of the proper grip for each specific application:

  1. Type of wire or cable.
  2. Outside diameter of wire or cable.
  3. Maximum safe load required.

All three of these factors are included in the description of each Klein grip along with the type of inside jaw contour available. Correct selection of gripping jaws is essential to avoid damage to wire or cable. In pulling stranded wire, the jaws should be long enough to take a full lay of cable to avoid damage to the conductor.

The tables in this grip section are supplied to assist you in determining outside diameters and breaking points of the various types and sizes of wire and cable in general use.

For our recommendations of the proper grip to meet your needs, send exact cable description and pulling requirements.

Please order grips by description and specifications only. Actual product may vary from photo.

Inside-Jaw Contours

Klein "Chicago" Grips are offered with three types of jaw contour:
Single V, Double V, and Round. Each grip comes with the proper inside-jaw contour for the type of wire or cable to be worked.

Single V. Simple three-point contact jaws designed for use on small-diameter bare wire and cable (solid and stranded).

Doubts V. Four-point contact provides greater gripping pressure and assures proper alignment of wire and cable within the jaws. Designed for high-strength steel guy wire and messenger wire, and extra high-strength cables and conductors.

Round. Round jaws provide maximum contact and gripping power to minimize conductor damage. This jaw design is recommended for use on bare aluminum, A.C.S.R., and copper conductors.

Repair or replace?

Never repair any grip. Grip laws can sometimes be replaced if the grip is returned to Klein, but structural wow or damage cannot be safely corrected. Grips that are bent, misaligned or otherwise distorted should be discarded and replaced.

Before each use, check all grips for jaw condition, proper alignment of jaws and all parts, and possible distortion caused by exceeding safe-load specifications. Grips should operate smoothly. Spring-loaded grips should lock open with loop handle in "Down" position and should dose automatically with loop handle "Up".

The Klein parallel jaw grip maybe tested by opening and closing the jaws by hand, exercising proper caution. All parts and rivets which may be distorted due to exceeding safe load should be checked.

Recommended Care & Maintenance
The following guidelines have been established in order to maintain all grips in good condition:
  1. Clean the grip jaws. Use emery cloth or a clean wire brush to periodically clean the surfaces of grip jaws.
    Note: Aluminum-strand conductors may have a die-grease coating which can de¬posit on grip jaws. Now aluminum conductors should be wiped clean before grip application. Grip jaws should be wiped clean of all grease before use. Be sure to clean grip jaws before and after each use on wire or cable which has been galvanized or otherwise coated.
  2. Clean aft working parts. Use Klein's Cinch Cleaner / Degreaser Cat. No. 51101 to clean all joints and moving parts, then apply Cinch Yellow No. 51045.
  3. Check all parts. Look carefully for distortion or misalignment.
  4. Never repair any grip. If there is ever any question about the safe condition of any grip, please consult us directly. Please remember this rule.

Inside Jaw Contour

When pulling EHS (extra-high-strength) galvanized steel cable, the galvanizing has a tendency to coat the jaws of any grip, causing the cable to slip. To reduce the possibility of slippage and damage to the cable, the jaws of this grip are milled on a curve with a double “V” contour.

Klein Tools Pulling Grips

Inside Jaw Contour

Designed for use when light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor. Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4" (6.35 mm) cable area. 1604-20L and 1625 series have a swing latch to help hold cable in the jaw. 1625-20 can be furnished to fit 7/8" (22.2 mm) or 1" (25.4 mm) cable on special order.

Klein Tools Pulling Grips


Proper maintenance and field inspection of all grips is necessary before each use. Check to be sure there is no accumulation of foreign material in the jaws which might cause slippage. Check mechanical condition of entire grip. Check grip to be sure it is correct size and type for the application. Clean and lubricate. Do not lubricate gripping surfaces of jaws. Check all parts for distortion or misalignment.

OSHA requires that all hand tools and equipment be maintained in good working order and that they be free from damage caused by wear or abuse (OSHA Part 1910, Subpart P, Section 1910.242).

In addition, OSHA Part 1926 Subpart V, Section 1926.955 paragraph 7 (ii) and 8 specifically state that: “That manufacturer’s load rating shall not be exceeded for stringing lines, pulling lines, sock connections and all load bearing hardware and accessories.”

“Conductor grips shall not be used on wire rope unless designed for this application.”

Grip-Cleaning Brush Set

Grip-Cleaning Brush Set

Set of four wire-bristle brushes designed for cleaning Klein wire- and cable-pulling grips.

Brushes have stiff wire bristles. Available in round and square shapes and two lengths for efficient cleaning of different jaw configurations. Semi-flexible steel shafts set into comfortable wooden handles provide the necessary reach into grip jaws. Illustrated general grip care and maintenance instructions are included.

Round-bristle 3/8" x 3" (10 x 76 mm), 12" (305 mm) long;
Square-bristle 3/8" x 3" (10 x 76 mm), 12" (305 mm) long;
Round-bristle 1-9/16" x 5" (40 x 127 mm), 14" (356 mm) long;
Square-bristle 1-9/16" x 5" (40 x 127 mm), 14" (356 mm) long.

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