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Wire Rope Lubricant

Vitalife® Products

Vitalife® products are the preferred wire rope lubricants in the industry because of their ability to penetrate into wire rope and displace water and contaminants, thus reducing wear and corrosion throughout the rope.

  • Available in a variety of container sizes.
  • Provides inner strand preservation and lubricity.
  • Allows for easy visual inspection of the ropes.
  • Reduces the friction between the strands of the wire rope, thus extending rope life.
  • Adheres to surface of strands, forming an outer film which provides excellent corrosive protection.
  • Non-tacky (will not attract dust)
  • Vitalife® in aerosol form is a regulated dangerous good. See MSDS sheet for shipping instructions.
  • Vitalife® Bio-Lube has been developed especially for environmentally friendly applications.
  • Vitalife® 500 has been developed exclusively for ski lifts and tramways.
  • Vitalife® 600 has been developed exclusively for elevator applications.

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Wire Rope Lubricant

Wire ropes contain numerous moving parts which require lubrication. Each time the rope bends or flexes, the internal strands rub together. Whitmore’s Wire Rope Lubricant coats these strands to prevent friction and wear. This results in longer wire rope life, less downtime for rope changes and more production.

Whitmore’s Wire Rope Lubricant quickly penetrates to the core. This ensures that the rope is lubricated throughout while providing a non-drying, non-tacky film on the outside of the rope. This protects outer strands from corrosion, as well as lubricating the wire rope drums and sheaves.


Whitmore’s Wire Rope Lubricant is easily pumpable at temperatures down to -25°F (-35°C). Its nondrying film remains flexible in the most extreme weather conditions, which eliminates flaking and peeling.

Whitmore’s Wire Rope Lubricant can be used to lubricate all sizes of wire rope, as well as chains, leaf springs and other applications where penetrating oil is needed. It may be applied by hand or automatic lube system.

  • Prolongs wire rope life—readily penetrates to the core and lubricates internal strands.
  • Non-tacky—eliminates dirt pick-up and lubricant sling-off.
  • Guards against rust and corrosion—displaces water as it penetrates.
  • Extreme load carrying ability—extends wire rope life and minimizes downtime.
  • Aerosol propellant is non-flammable—safe to use.
Recommended Application Rate:
  • Drip system: first week—3 drops per minute, per inch diameter rope.
  • Second week and thereafter—1 drop per minute, per inch diameter rope.
  • Spray system: every 15 minutes for 30 seconds (on payout only).


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