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We are your one-source shopping center for hoisting products with lifting capacities ranging up to 100 tons. We offer many types of electric, air and manual hoists for limitless applications. We are also one of the largest authorized stocking master parts depots for Columbus McKinnon (CM), Budgit, Coffing, Acco / Wright, Yale, Shaw-Box and Harrington…just to name a few.

Hoists: At A Glance Guides

These guides will provide you with basic information to quickly and easily differentiate between the different types of hoists — including electric hoists, wire rope hoists, chain hoists, pneumatic / air hoists, and manual hoists.

Mazzella Electric Hoists At A Glance
Mazzella Wire Rope Hoists At A Glance
Mazzella Pneumatic / Air Hoists At A Glance
Mazzella Chain Hoists At A Glance
Mazzella Manual Hoists At A Glance

Hoists / Parts Section (PDF)

Catalog Index

Pullers & Lever Hoists:

» Short Handle Puller

» Series 653 Lever Hoist

» Series 640 Long Handle Puller

» Series 602/603 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist

» Cable Hoist

» Series 300A Lineman's Hoist

» Series 344B Lineman's Hoist

» Small Frame Web Strap Ratchet Winch Hoists

» Medium Frame Web Strap Ratchet Winch Hoists

» Small Convertible Lineman’s Hoists

» Medium Convertible Lineman’s Hoists

» LSB-B Ratchet Lever Hoist

» G-Series Ratchet Lever Hoist

» LB Lever Hoists

» LX Lever Puller

Hand Chain Hoists:

» Series 622 Hand Chain Hoist

» Hurricane 360° Hand Chain Hoist

» Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist

» LHH Hand Chain Hoist

» CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist

» CB Hand Chain Hoist

» CF Hand Chain Hoist

Trolley Hoists:

» Low Headroom Trolley Hoist

» Swivel Truck Low Headroom Trolley Hoist

Electric Chain Hoists:

» ShopStar Electric Chain Hoist

» Shophoist Electric Chain Hoist

» Man Guard Electric Chain Hoist

» Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

» Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist (VFD)

» Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist

» RailStar Motor Driven Trolleys

» Powerstar Motor Driven Trolleys

» SLC Shop Hoist

» EMC Model Hoists

» JLC Hook & Lug Suspension Model Hoists

» EC Hook & Lug Suspension Model Hoists

» (N)ER 3-Phase Electric Chain Hoists

» SNER Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists

» (N)ER 3-Phase Large Capacity Electric Chain Hoists

» Accolift Electric Chain Hoists—Hook Suspension

Air Hoists:

» ShopAir Chain Hoist

» AirStar Chain Hoist

» AirStar 6 Air Hoist

» Model CAH Large Frame Air Hoists—Various Suspensions

» AH Mini-Cat Air Powered Hoists

» TCS Cheetah Air Powered Hoists

» JDN Air Hoists PROFI


» CBT Plain & Geared Trolleys (CM)

» Series 84A Plain & Geared Trolleys

» Series 632 Close Radius Trolley

» Series 633 Wide Range Trolley

» CBT Plain & Geared Trolleys (Coffing)

» CTA Plain & Geared Trolleys

» VT-A Push Type Trolley

» BC Beam Clamps

» PT Push Trolley & GT Geared Trolley

» Power Tractor Drive

Wire Rope Hoists:

» 700 Series Wire Rope Electric Hoist—Deck-Mounted, Single-Reeved

» 700 Series Wire Rope Electric Hoist & Trolley—Double-Reeved

» 800 Series Wire Rope Hoist & Trolley—Single-Reeved

» 800 Series Wire Rope Hoist & Trolley—Double-Reeved

» LodeKing High Capacity Electric Wire Rope Hoist

» Global King Monorail Hoist & Trolley

» World SeriesTM Monorail Hoist (Shaw-Box)

» Electric Wire Rope Hoists (Chester)

» Spacemaster® Wire Rope Hoists

» RHN Series Electric Wire Rope Hoists

» Dynex Monorail Hoist

» Built-Up Hoists

» Work-Rated Hoists

» Speedway Hoists


» Worm Gear Hand Winches

» Portable Power Winches

» Heavy-Duty Power Winches

» Engineering Information

» Rail Car Pulling Calculations

» Winches (Jeamar)


» Griphoist

Hoist Repairs / Parts:

» Hoist Repairs

» Hoist Parts


» Hoists / Parts Product Warnings

Hoists & Hoist Parts

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