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40 Ton Lifting Beams For Large Government Contractor

Alabama Sling Center / 40 Ton Lifting Beams

Alabama Sling manufactured two 40 ton lifting beams for a large government contractor. The lifting beams will be used at the customer’s yard in Huntsville, Alabama. In the photo, the lifting beams are being proof loaded (unpainted). The finished lifting beams are also shown after the proof load.

Large Wire Rope Chokers Slings For Mining Operation

Alabama Sling Center / Large Wire Rope Choker Slings

Alabama Sling Center receives consistent orders from customer for a large mining operation. Among these orders are 2-1/2″ x 30′ domestic wire rope chokers that we make for a distributor in the Birmingham area. The orders consist of nine slings that our customer puts in a container and ships to Columbia, South America. The customer has a very large mining operation where they use the slings for tow cables and other applications and they average using about 10 to 12 of these per month.

Critical Length Slings For Counterweight Apparatus

Alabama Sling Center / Critical Length Slings for Counterweight Apparatus

This project was a cutting edge, innovative system to move equipment into tight spots. The counterweight apparatus was designed by their engineers. The customer’s Head Engineer asked for critical length slings that would make for a successful ending to this project. These slings will be used in numerous special situations. This new invention will allow them to move equipment in a way that only they can supply.

Large Towing Kits For Underground Coal Mine Customer

Alabama Sling Center / Large Towing Kits for Underground Coal Mining

One of Alabama Sling Center’s underground coal mine accounts approached us about a towing kit. Each section of each portal is required to have a towing kit, which consists of two 1-inch by 20-foot loop and loop plasma slings, two 1-inch alloy shackles and one 4-inch by 8-foot synthetic web sling. The customer’s goal is to go with plasma rope towing lines and replace as much wire rope as possible with the plasma product.

4101 Hoke Avenue
Dolomite, AL 35061
Phone: 205.744.0230
Fax: 205.744.7645


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