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An overhead crane, at a certain time, will wear down. Instead of buying a new crane, there is the option to repair your old one. A lot of this can be related to an automobile experience. We will repair your dings, replace your wheels, and put in new wiring.

FHS Overhead Crane Refurbishing

The components of an overhead crane are very small. You have two end trucks that have a motor on both of them, then you have a beam that goes across and you have a wiring systems that runs it to a host and a control panel. As part of our crane refurbishing process at FHS / Mazzella Hoist & Crane Service, we bring the crane to our facility, strip it down, sand blast, repaint, rewire, repair the wheels, and reassemble on site.

The biggest expense to an overhead crane is its beam. If the beam is salvageable, all you may have to replace are the wheels and wires. You could be investing $3,000.00 versus a $12,000 investment for a new crane. With crane refurbishing, you are repairing the pieces and parts that are worn down. For example, we refurbished cranes for a galvanizing plant. The galvanizing plant uses chemicals that eats away steel, so we sand blasted, repainted and performed repairs to their existing cranes and we saved them about $40,000 because they didn’t have to purchase six new cranes.

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