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A crane at a certain time will wear down. Instead of buying a new crane, there is the option to repair your old one. A lot of this can be related to an automobile experience. We will repair your dings, replace your wheels, and put new wiring.

FHS Overhead Crane Refurbishing

The components of a crane are very small. You have two end trucks that have a motor on both of them, then you have a beam that goes across and you have a wiring systems that runs it to a host and a control panel. As part of our crane refurbishing process at FHS / Mazzella Hoist & Crane Service, we bring the crane to our facility, strip it down, sand blast, repaint, rewire, repair the wheels, and reassemble on site.

The biggest expense to a crane is its beam. If the beam is salvageable, all you may have to replace are the wheels and wires. You could be investing $3,000.00 versus a $12,000 investment for a new crane. With crane refurbishing, you are repairing the pieces and parts that are worn down. For example, we refurbished cranes for a galvanizing plant. The galvanizing plant uses chemicals that eats away steel, so we sand blasted, repainted and performed repairs to their existing cranes and we saved them about $40,000 because they didn’t have to purchase six new cranes.

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