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Boat Transfer Lifts Serving Tampa, Orlando, Miami & Throughout The Southeast U.S.

FHS, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specific purpose boat lift systems. Our specialized boat lifts incorporate a turnkey structure, lifting trolley and multi-use carrier which provides the ability to easily lift and transfer boats, personal watercraft, pontoons and kayaks between separated waterways, both salt to fresh divides, and fresh water transfers.

FHS Boat Transfer Lifts

FHS Divder Bar

FHS Divder Bar

Boat transfer lifts are overhead crane systems exclusively designed and manufactured by FHS. If you have watercraft on a man-made body of water, such as a lake or a canal, and you need to transfer the watercraft to a natural body of water, FHS designs and manufactures the only overhead crane system that can can move sailboats, move ski boats, move pontoon boats, and move jet skis.

The boat lift offers homeowners the luxury of direct open water access to and from their residences. Each system is custom designed to meet the specifications required by the development.

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