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Badcock & More

FHS Warehouse Solutions / Badcock Home Furniture & More

The Problem:

Badcock sales dictated that they consolidate two of their Georgia distribution centers into one mega-center geographically located in the center of their AL and GA store locations.

The Solution:

  • Worked together with Badcock ownership, warehouse operations VP and director of transportation for over a year.
  • Designed a narrow aisle solution that included 36’ high x 42”, 74” and 84” deep pallet racking. All rack aisles were angle guided for 58” narrow aisles utilizing high reach platform trucks.
  • Allowed Badcock to close their Cullman, Alabama and Thompson, Georgia distributions centers and consolidate into one 750,000 square foot mega DC.
  • Expect cost savings in operations efficiencies by reducing duplicate storage slots and incoming transportation costs.

Crown Shredding

FHS Warehouse Solutions / Crown Shredding

The Problem:

Crown Shredding purchased a new building for their corporate offices in Winter Haven. The owner wanted something to do with the additional space they had designed into the new facility.

The Solution:

  • FHS, Inc. worked together with the owner, to evaluate options for the space and determine the best possible use for the space.
  • Because the additional built out space was high bay, we suggested that Crown utilize the space for a new archive storage venture.
  • FHS, Inc. engineered, designed provided and installed a “Turn-Key” 4-level archive storage racking system with punch decks and special floor supports due to the sub-par capacity of the concrete pad. FHS, Inc. managed the installation of the sprinkler system and lighting.
  • Because the system and new venture was so successful, Crown Shredding installed a second addition to the system (which is now full) and we are currently designing the final third phase to be implemented in the spring of 2018.


FHS Warehouse Solutions / Weil-McLain

The Problem:

Weil-McLain developed a compact boiler for the residential market and needed an efficient way to assemble the units in a confined area.

The Solution:

  • Worked together with Weil-McClain operations and engineering teams to solve their dilemma.
  • Designed a solution that included a power and free automated assembly conveyor with smart tools, work stations, testing and load / unload stations.
  • Developed PLC programming and HMI controls to allow tracking of units through system in real time and generate reports that are posted on large screen displays.
  • We were able to design the system to fit in an unused area of the existing plant in a 15’ x 40’ space.
  • Weil-McLain assembly line system has been in operation for over seven years producing 45 units per day at 99.9% assembly accuracy.

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