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Government Products

J. Henry Holland Government Products
We provide a wide array of products for the U.S. Government and specialty marine products.
  • Twin-Path® Slings and Bridles
  • 4-Leg Nylon Web Boat Sling
  • Kevlar Rigid Inflatable Boat Hoisting Slings (Drawing 6015106602 REV B)
  • Shipboard Kevlar Lifeline Assemblies (Drawing 804-5959308)
  • Custom Printed Browskirts, Backdrops, Awnings and Covers
  • Peck & Hale tiedown and cargo securing
  • Belly bands for RHIB Boat—PC Class
  • Boat Gripe—MT3765-SS
  • Clear Hawse pendant
  • Dip rope assemblies
  • Vest davit hook, litter shackles and carpenter stopper
  • Ship hoisting and conveying equipment—NSTM 572
  • Chain Assemblies—chain stopper, bull chain and stern gate marriage chain

» Government Products

» Inspection Provision For U.S. Government Contracts

Flight Deck Nets

J. Henry Holland Flight Deck Nets

J Henry Holland’s custom manufactured flight deck “safety nets” are manufactured using USA made stainless steel wire rope and built IAW with exact NAVSEA “specs.” All our flight deck safety nets are utilized on US NAVY Ships, along with applications on both USCG and ARMY vessels. All our flight deck nets are routinely inspected on shipboard and approved by NAVAIR inspectors.

» Flight Deck Nets

Cargo Nets

J. Henry Holland Cargo Nets

J Henry Holland manufactures nylon webbing cargo nets. They are lightweight, flexible and are more compact when compared to wire or manila rope nets.

» Cargo Netting

Cordage Assemblies

J. Henry Holland Cordage

J Henry Holland manufactures all types of cordage assemblies for the maritime industry using lightweight high performance synthetic ropes. We stock all types and diameters of synthetic ropes and the hardware to make winch lines in any length. We distribute cordage products from some of the largest manufactures in the country and stock the most popular brands and diameters from these manufactures. We also have some of the most skilled employees at making assemblies from these products. In addition to just bulk rope spools, we can splice eyes onto the ropes, make Jacobs Ladders, construct nets and create any other assembly that might be needed. Other Services offered: Rope coating—increases rope’s life, rope socketing and rope splicing.

» Cordage Products

Canvas Shop / Custom Tarps

J. Henry Holland Canvas Shop / Custom Tarps

No tarp is too small or too large — we custom make tarps in our facility. Ask us about custom Army, USCG and Navy boat enclosures made to your specifications. We stock a wide array of custom fabrics.

» Canvas Shop

Slings & Assemblies

J. Henry Holland Slings & Assemblies

We can manufacture all types of slings to meet your needs. J Henry Holland’s quality slings include chain, wire rope, nylon, polyester, cordage and high-performance synthetic slings. We also provide wire rope assemblies — both large and small, including bridge cables, crane cables, steel mill cables and thousands of OEM assemblies. We also manufacture assemblies with standard or custom end fittings. Special testing and tolerance requirements are also available.

» Slings & Assemblies

Rigging Hardware

J. Henry Holland Rigging Hardware

J Henry Holland offers one of the largest and most complete inventories of rigging and lifting products in the country from some of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Some of the products we stock are:
  • Hoist rings — standard and metric
  • Shackles — all types, sizes and finishes from 1/4 ton to over 1,000 tons
  • Master rings / links — all sizes, types and finishes
  • Hooks — swivel, eye, choker, self-locking and weld-on
  • Turnbuckles and swivels

We also stock many other rigging hardware items. If you can’t find a standard item to meet your specific needs, inquire about custom rigging and lifting hardware. All hardware products meet the ASME B30.26 specification.

» Rigging Hardware

Lifting Products

J. Henry Holland Lifting Products

We provide a complete line of lifting products from some of the industry’s best manufacturers. Product lines include a wide range of overhead crane blocks, wire rope sheaves, ergonomic material handling equipment, lifting clamps and hydraulics. Besides carrying these complete product lines, we offer crane block and plate clamp repair services.

» Lifting Products

Wire Rope

J. Henry Holland Wire Rope

We have a large inventory of wire rope, maintained for immediate delivery. We stock well over 20 million feet in our various locations. In sizes from 1/4” to 3” diameter and 9 mm to 52 mm diameter in all types and constructions. We stock both domestic and non-domestic wire rope from all the major wire rope manufacturers around the world.

» Wire Rope

Hoists / Parts

J. Henry Holland Hoists

J Henry Holland is your one-source shopping center for hoisting products with lifting capacities ranging up to 100 tons. We offer many types of electric, air and manual hoists for limitless applications. Also, we carry one of the largest stocks of new hoists in the industry and offer quick delivery on new units.

Also, we maintain over $1.5 million stock in replacement parts for CM, Coffing, Yale, Shaw-Box, Budgit, Harrington, Acco / Wright, Ace World Companies, Detroit Hoist and R&M Material Handling…just to name a few. Our access to numerous aftermarket manufacturers of wire rope, bearings, seals, motors and brakes, along with more than 150 years of combined parts sales experience, allows us to meet your delivery requirements. Most in-stock items ship within 24 hours.

Come to us for complete, in-house repair of electric, lever, manual chain and wire rope hoists.

» Hoists / Parts

Slings, Hoists & Rigging Training

J. Henry Holland Slings, Hoists & Rigging Training

All J Henry Holland trainers have been accredited by our company through training by a third party training company (Industrial Training International, Inc.), Mazzella Companies’ internal Train the Trainer program, and are trained on OSHA and ASME standards. We issue certificates following program completion.

» Services / Training

Fall Protection Products

J. Henry Holland Fall Protection Products

J Henry Holland carries a complete line of fall protection products and systems — lanyards, rope grabs and quality harnesses. These products meet ANSI regulations, as well as EN and Canadian codes.

We can customize most products for specific customer needs. Harnesses may also be purchased with customer designated webbing colors and even embroidered with your company logo (minimum order does apply). Contact your Lifting Specialist for more details.

We also carry D-ring extenders, individual shock packs, snap hooks, carabiners and rollgate hooks, roofer kits, rebar assemblies, anchorages and retrieval systems … just to name a few.

Ask us about horizontal engineered lifeline systems!

» Fall Protection Products

Overhead Cranes

J. Henry Holland / Progressive Crane Overhead Cranes

J Henry Holland works with Progressive Crane (A Mazzella Company) to manufacture world-class overhead cranes. We engineer and build custom solutions ranging from light-duty economical cranes to large-capacity high-duty cycle cranes with welded plate-box girders.

Our work is done in full compliance with CMAA, NEC, OSHA and ASME standards. We have extensive electrical capability, as well as AWS certified welders.

  • In-House Engineering

    We provide in-house engineering and can also furnish PE (Professional Engineer) stamped drawings and calculations. All drawings are done in SolidWorks—this reduces calculation time and increases productivity, which saves our customers money.

    Also, being electronic, the calculations and drawings may be e-mailed to further save time. This is an ideal solution for companies with fabrication capabilities, but with no in-house engineering.

  • Crane Runways
    We believe it’s logical that the engineers who design your crane also design your runway structure. Our engineers utilize SolidWorks to create your runway designs, in strict accordance with CMAA, ANSI, Uniform Building Code, AISC and American Welding Institute standards and practices.
  • Fabricated Runways

    The same rugged quality that goes into our cranes is applied to our runway structures. In many cases, the same craftsmen and welders who fabricate your crane also produce your runway structure.

  • Install Runways

    A correctly installed runway structure ensures a smooth-running crane system. Our installers are runway experts with experience established over many years and hundreds of installations. They have developed unique skills and special tools to make installations quick and easy.

» Overhead Cranes

Engineered Products

J. Henry Holland Engineered Products

We have more than 60 years of field application experience and in-house manufacturing. This has earned us the reputation as a leader in the design and development of custom engineered below-the-hook lifting devices and lifting attachments for use with all types of cranes.

Our participation on the ASME B30.20 Subcommittee (that governs manufacturing, inspection, marking, testing, maintenance and operation of the below-the-hook lifting devices) sets us apart from our competition. On-staff engineering and our commitment to ISO 9001: 2008 guides us to continued success in quality products and processes.

Our products range from a common lift beam to an engineered special 150 lbs. engine line lifter to a 330 ton electric furnace lifter.

Repairs, Inspections & Recertification of Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices

We offer complete, in-house inspections and repairs of below-the-hook lifting devices. Certified Inspectors, along with our Engineering Department, perform detailed analysis. Repaired or rebuilt units provide significant cost savings. We also can provide FEA (Finite Element Analysis) reports and reverse engineering options on customers' lifting devices. Customers can send in a unit, enabling Engineering to measure and model the unit in SolidWorks and run FEA analysis that determines the safe working load.

» Engineered Products

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