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12-Strand Plasma Slings

J. Henry Holland / 12-Strand Plasma Slings

A major Naval ship builder ordered High-Performance rope slings to conduct a Shipboard BOLLARD test (400,000 lbs. – 200 tons) on the new DDG-1000 Destroyer. We supplied the huge 3-1/4” diameter 12-strand plasma rope with spliced eyes each end to safely conduct the test. The large rope has a breaking strength of over one million pounds! The 12-strand rope assemblies have 4-foot eyes, along with including a cordura cover where a 200 ton wide body shackles will be positioned during the test.

Sports Broadcasting Booth Tarps

J. Henry Holland / Sports Broadcasting Booth Tarps

J Henry Holland fabricated the main rooftop tarp for the CBS Sports broadcasting booth at the Super Bowl! CBS had a huge broadcasting booth in Lincoln Park near the Superdome.

Tunneling Project

J. Henry Holland / 12-Strand Plasma Slings

J Henry Holland delivers critical products for large tunnel project in Portsmouth, Virginia. JHH supplied slings, pendants and crane ropes, along with spliced cordage assemblies.

Sandblast Containment Screens

J. Henry Holland / Sandblast Containment Screens

One of the local shipyards needed 48 each: 50 ft. x 48 ft. paint / sandblast containment screens in a hurry. These screens are erected around a ship to contain sandblast and paint particles from contaminating the waterways. The EPA is constantly monitoring shipyards to make certain waterways are kept clean. Heavy fines are placed on shipyards that don’t comply with EPA environmental laws.

Unique Strap System

J. Henry Holland / Unique Strap System

J Henry Holland develops strap system for customer to remove mixers from truck body.

Testing & Rigging For Mining Application

J. Henry Holland / Testing & Rigging For Mining Application

A large manufacturer in Virginia Beach, Virginia, who purchases thousands of feet of wire rope a year, rented J Henry Holland’s test bed for a new unique mining wire they developed. This wire is 4” in diameter and filled with copper and electrical wiring. The wire is for a mining application and is approximately 1,500 feet long, which will go down a mine vertically. They used an “A” FRAME engineered structure with a counterweight to simulate tension on the outer sheath of approximately 1,000 lbs., while the internal wires are being loaded at 24,000 lbs.

Load Testing Large Cable Assemblies

J. Henry Holland / Load Testing Large Cable Assemblies

J Henry Holland performed load testing on 2-1/2-inch spelter cable assemblies, the cables are used on a vertical drill rig. They are the pullback cables for the main drill line. The sockets were zinc poured and then load tested to 393,962 lbs.

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