Indusco Opens Crosby Store Displays in Baltimore and Capitol Heights, MD

Indusco Baltimore and Capitol Heights are now Crosby Store locations. Baltimore installed their displays on May 12th and Capitol Heights on June 14th.

Pat Driscoll

Crosby has a Store Locator tab on their website that will link potential customers in the Baltimore / Washington / Metro Area direct to Indusco Wire Rope & Supplies.

Indusco Opens Crosby Store Displays in Baltimore and Capitol Heights: Main

These displays feature a wide selection of traditional Crosby rigging products. Additionally, they have greatly expanded Indusco’s selection of blocks and lifting clamps. This upgrade gave Indusco an opportunity to empty the showroom in Baltimore completely and give it a fresh start.

Mazzella Pittsburgh also completed their showroom transformation with new Crosby displays, while Mazzella Detroit is slated for completion by the year’s end.

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